Fireminds renews SOC2 accreditation and grows cybersecurity offerings

Hamilton, Bermuda – Fireminds an international IT provider, founded and headquartered in Bermuda successfully renewed its SOC2 accreditation. Fireminds is a provider of cloud solutions, managed IT services, IT consulting, cybersecurity solutions, software development and IT procurement. Fireminds provides IT services in several markets in the Caribbean region and in the US. Fireminds private cloud solutions running in Bermuda consistently achieve the SOC2 accreditation, audited by a big 4 firm. Fireminds has been operating under the SOC2 standard for four years and is Bermuda’s longest standing IT service provider holding the accreditation.

“Our financial services and insurance clients depend on their service providers to operate to the highest standards to ensure they satisfy the requirements of regulatory authorities such as the BMA, CIMA and SEC. Clients hosted with Fireminds can reference the Fireminds SOC2 as part of their own regulatory submissions for best practices, privacy and cyber codes of conduct, thus fast tracking the path to compliance when it comes to IT. In Bermuda we create a competitive advantage for any Class 3 or 4 insurer or any company under CSP regulations.”, stated Fireminds Founder & CEO, Michael W. Branco.

In addition to adhering to the rigid risk control standards of SOC2, the Fireminds IT consulting team also assist clients with writing and implementing their own frameworks for IT compliance with regulatory bodies. The Fireminds IT consulting team use their years of experience to create documentation such as IT disaster recovery plans and maintain those risk management tools on paid engagements.

“Fireminds has always been committed to adhering to rigorous IT standards, specifically around security and availability and have demonstrated over the last 3 audit periods consistent commitment to these standards to protect their own IT environments and those of their clients.”, said VP of Solutions, Jonathan Cassidy.

The annual audit is led by Fireminds VP of Solutions, Jonathan Cassidy who has an extensive career with reinsurance companies and implementing comprehensive risk management frameworks. In addition to over 130+ controls, Fireminds has implemented a robust cybersecurity toolset centered around Fortinet SIEM. The Fireminds cybersecurity team perform real-time checking of the security fabric, constantly scanning for threats and monitoring via their Security Operations Center. In addition, vulnerability and penetration tests are performed on a regular basis to minimize the risk of cybersecurity threats. These services are also being made available to Fireminds customer.

Fireminds is part of the ATN group of companies, a NASDAQ listed telecom and technology company operating in the US and internationally. Fireminds sells its IT services exclusively through its partner companies: OneComm (Bermuda), Logic (Cayman), Viya (USVI), GTT (Guyana), CommNet (USA) and direct to market in other regions. This combination of telco and technology provider ensures an end to end solution for customers.

“As Fireminds has grown in size and expanded its geographical reach through an expansive direct and channel strategy, it remains focused on its founding principles of customer first and technology innovation. We are a unique IT company that combines managed IT solutions with our software development division, truly delivering on digital transformation for customers of all sizes. We thrive on working closely with our customers and being a partner in their success. Customer advocacy is at the heart of everything thing we do.”, said VP of Sales, Conor McGowan.

Anyone interested in learning more about Fireminds solutions, may contact the corporate teams at any of Fireminds’ partner telecom providers or directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 441-295-0000.


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